400th post

this was the worst summer ive ever experienced
so bad i havent written lj since june
thats when things started sucking
between being homeless
not seeing sofie as often as i wanted to
moving left and right
being broke
being in debt
losing a long friend to douchebaggery
things are finally up
we have a nice house
with great roommates
all i need is well yeah...
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    the solids - hey beautiful

riding dolphins doing flips and shit

zeek and katrina invited me and pruitt and andy out on their boat today
it was tighhttt

andy got a gash on his forehead for running down a water slide
we got free screwdrivers and a long island iced tea
took a shitload of pictures
and diverted my mind from all the real shit
we were drunk by 4pm
and now i have a hangover
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    the lonely island - on a boat

quattro sports is serious shit

i suck at nes video games
random deer in the headlights shit
acid reflux is back

hs party wtf last monday
actually kinda fun

luck the fakers
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i need a pick me up bad

2009 is almost as bad as 2005
being in this apartment by myself has really fucked with my head
its lonely
but like im hallucinating
having weird dreams about my dad stabbing me
i dont know what the hell im going to do
i miss everybody
i miss myself
its kinda scary

its like someone up there is just saying i dare you

i think im getting sick again

i dont have the financial resources to pay for shit
my student loan still hasn't come in yet
i still have chronic heartburn
and somehow and i have no idea how i think i may have completely fucked up one of the best friendships ive ever had

do i just have qualities that make people get annoyed with me but they think im too sensitive to be told of these qualities
am i making a mountain out of a molehill
i hate being lied to and i hate being ignored
does the fact that i try to be a good person end up screwing me over in the long run?

am i just full of myself?

and out come the wolves

i came to the conclusion after hanging out with kim mallard this past weekend
and nostalgilizing that
i am way cooler than i was at the end of high school
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i have so many contradictory emotions right now

im extremely smitten and stressed at the same time
i cant say enough how much im into this girl
but i have little to no money
i need a job
i need money for summer school
i need to finish out the semester strong
i want her to be my gf soon :D